Training and Workshop Packages

Rock and Water Queensland offers a number of training and workshop packages which are fully authorised by the Gadaku Institute. These can be for:

  • Teaching staff including psychologists, chaplains and education assistants
  • Government and Non Government agencies looking for personal development options
  • Parent bodies
  • Student groups
  • Parent and students together

Important Notice COVID-19 :

The health and safety of our host schools, delegates, community, and families is our top priority. We have been monitoring the evolution of COVID-19 and in response to the Federal Governments’ and National Health organisations standards and recommendations on contact, personal space, travel bans etc, Rock and Water QLD is taking precautionary measures to help protect our people.

We will be cancelling two workshops that are coming up:  The 3 Day Rock & Water Training on the 21 – 23 April and the 1 Day Introductory Workshop which was scheduled for the 8th May.  At this stage, all other events are still scheduled, however we will be reconsidering our options during the next 8 weeks and if we need to extend this postponement we will.

We are extremely sorry for any inconvenience this may cause you.  Please stay safe, remain positive, and take care of one another. Thank you for your loyalty, patience and understanding.  Best wishes, Carl Marshall