Rock and Water Training

Rock and Water Training Queensland is a Gadaku Institute accredited organisation. We are the only recognised organisation in Queensland to be able to deliver the Rock and Water Program and all of the training workshops. This includes Rock and Water training designed for boys and girls in primary school, or secondary school, youth work, mental care and children with autism spectrum disorders.

Re-emerging from COVID-19 | Reconnect with Rock & Water Training being delivered in Queensland. 

It is important to note that Rock & Water Training is run indoors with a large group of adults, with no social distancing and a lot of personal contact. Please keep this in mind when you are enrolling.

All participants will need to bring their own snacks, lunch and water.  Hand sanitizer will be available, but participants should also bring their own and face masks.

We ask that anyone with flu-like symptoms to refrain from attending, so please let us know as the workshops get closer.  If this occurs, a transfer to another workshop or a full refund will be offered.  Anyone returning from overseas or from a hot spot area within a two week period of the workshop is to refrain from attending and anyone who has been in contact with anyone with influenza-like symptoms to refrain from attending.